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    • ]]> 2 VWS 12.8 ( en It is 79F in Hudson, FL at 11:48am on 11/9/09 <a href=""><img src=""><img src="" /></a><br><br><br><br><br><br> <b><dt>Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precip possible within 24 to 48 hrs</dt></b><br> <b><dt>TEMPERATURE: 79F</dt></b><br> <dd>High 79F at 11:45am</dd><br> <dd>Low 67F at 3:28am</dd><br> <b><dt>Relative Humidity: 65%</dt><br> </b><dd>High 86% at 3:24am</dd><br> <dd>Low 65% at 11:40am</dd><br> <b><dt>Wind Speed: 1 MPH - South East Gust 10MPH</dt><br> </b><dd>High 18 MPH at 11:41am</dd> <br> <b><dt>Barometer: 30.06 in.and Steady</dt><br> </b><dd>High 30.09 in. at 12:00am</dd><br> <dd>Low 30.05 in. at 4:43am</dd><br> <b><dt>Dewpoint: 67F</dt></b><br> <dd>High 69 at 10:36am</dd><br> <dd>Low 61 at 12:08am</dd><br> <b><dt>Heat Index: 82F</dt><br> </b><dd>High 82F at 11:44am</dd><br> <dd>Low 72F at 12:08am</dd><br> <b><dt>Wind Chill: 79F</dt><br> </b><dd>Min 79F at 11:45am</dd><br> <dd>Max 67F at 3:28am</dd><br> <b><dt>Rainfall: Total 55.37 in. year</dt><br> </b><dd>Today 0.00 in.</dd><br> <dd>Rate 0.00 at 12:00am</dd><br> <dd>Total last 24 Hours 0.00 in.</dd><br> </b><b><dt>Estimated Cloud Base: 3195.09 ft.</dt></b> </b><b><dt>Data generated by: VWS V14.00 p13</dt></b> </b><b><dt>Alerts: Warning Description: Lake Wind Advisory </dt></b> </b><b><dt>Disclaimer - Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet</dt></b>
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